Forest Edge PTA

PTA Information

We look forward to sharing in the Forest Edge community with you and your children!

Have you ever wondered how you could help the school?  Have you ever wondered about the behind the scenes opportunities that support all the students at the school?  If so, now is the time.

Every year the PTA (Parent Teacher Association) Nominating Committing must put together a slate of officers, which includes (1) the President; (2) the Vice President of Way and Means (Fundraising); (3) the Vice President of Volunteers; (4) the Recording Secretary; (5) the Communication Secretary; and (6) the Treasurer.  The slate is presented to the PTA General Membership at the May meeting and nominees are voted into office at the June meeting for the following school year.

If you are interested in getting connected; gaining a better understanding of  what is going on at the school; building a network in order to discuss ideas, concerns and experiences with fellow parents, teachers and the administrators; helping all children in the community than we may have a job for you!  These are just a few of the benefits of sitting on the Executive Committee of the PTA, see attached PTA job descriptions for the specific tasks of each role.