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Forest Edge Elementary School 2016 “Show What You Know” Expo


Brainstorming Starters …

If you like science, how about …

  • conducting an experiment where something changes (plants, weather, etc.)
  • explaining something about a scientific topic such as weather, chemistry, astronomy, physics, plants, animals, ecology, …
  • telling all about an important scientific discovery
  • finding out about space travel, perhaps by describing a journey into the solar system
  • pretending you are inside a ship traveling through the human body
  • explaining something or conducting an experiment about weather, chemistry, astronomy, physics, plants, animals, ecology, …

If you like to think about other times, places, and cultures, how about … 

  • researching an important person, event, or era in history
  • explaining what your life would be like if you lived some time in the past
  • imagining and describing what life might be like in the future
  • sharing discoveries about a certain culture or country
  • pretending you are a famous explorer and writing about your adventure
  • comparing past and present
  • documenting “a day in the life of…”
  • investigating cultural traditions
  • creating your own maps of a geographic region (real or imagined, in the present or in the past or future, on Earth or not …)
  • finding a way to solve a world problem

If technology & invention fascinate you, how about …

  • designing your own invention, toy, or game
  • designing a “Rube Goldberg” invention
  • explaining how something works
  • making your own web page (ask a parent for help)
  • researching the development of technology, or how things might change in the future
  • designing and/or building a robot
  • checking out or to find new ways to create

If literature, art, or music is your thing, how about … 

  • writing your own book, collection of stories, or collection of poetry
  • making a themed mobile or collage
  • writing new words to a song or rap based on a theme
  • drawing the maps and diagrams you would need to visit the world of your favorite character
  • presenting your favorite book or series using drawings, dioramas, or stop-motion animation
  • investigating a period of art or a particular artist
  • researching the publishing process
  • drawing the comic-book version of your life … or someone else’s
  • collecting and sharing your favorite quotations

If you have a hobby or collection, how about …

  • showing what you do and how
  • cluing others in to what you collect and why it fascinates you

If sports are your life, how about …

  • explaining the finer points of your favorite game
  • researching the history of your favorite sport
  • explaining the physics of your favorite sport (what makes balls bounce or curve, etc., etc.)
  • explaining what happens when our bodies exercise
  • researching some of the special technologies used by athletes with disabilities

If you’re into design, architecture, or city planning, how about … 

  • designing a school, amusement park, or playground
  • designing a “green” town (ecology-friendly)
  • designing your own futuristic city (on Earth? in space? underwater? underground?), including envisioning future means of transportation, communication, and housing


These ideas are offered just to get you started …

Use your imagination …

Follow where it leads …



Last update: 2/15/2016

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